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Monday, April 25, 2011

Chapter 15

Happy bunnies and egg shaped chocolates everyone

“You have to trust someone sometime,” he said gently, his hands on her shoulders, her back pressed to his chest as they watched Becky, her bear and her spade and pail following the Consular’s children and nanny down the path towards the beach.

“And what if someone takes off with her again?” Cody hissed. Sidney felt the tension in her shoulders and dug his fingers into her tanned skin, trying to loosen the knots that had formed there. She hadn’t slept. She’d kept vigil over Becky the entire night, which was the reason for the nanny and the armed guards.

“They have guns. I’m pretty sure they’ll do a better job protecting her than we could,” he told her sincerely. He wasn’t the kind of guy that thought guns where fun, that wanted to take a rifle out on the back porch and shoot at cans. Still, he had to admit, as he watched the two men in uniform with the semi automatics following the kids down to the white sand, that he felt relieved. “You need to sleep Dakota,” he reiterated, trying to turn her back into the house. She refused to move.

“She’s my responsibility,” she insisted. Sidney sighed and closed his eyes, leaning his forehead against the back of her head.

“Just for a little while, just let go and….”

“That’s what I did last night. Look how well that turned out,” she grumbled. It hurt. Not that he blamed her for once again sticking the knife and reminding him of the result of their sneaking out onto the beach, but now that Becky was back with them and safe, he’d hoped she’d remember the more positive features of the evening.

“And what good will you be to her if you just crash because you haven’t eaten, haven’t slept?” he asked her, his grip tightening on her upper arms. He felt her shoulders sag and softened his tone as he bargained with her. “Just sleep, just for a little while, then we’ll go down to the beach and join them, okay?” He could tell she was going to give in right before she said anything, just by the way that she finally leaned back into him. “Come on,” he whispered and turned her back into the compound.

The consular’s villa had an open courtyard and at its heart a tall fountain made up of frolicking dolphins spitting water high into the air. The music created by the water bubbling was meant to be both soothing and cooling. As Sid guided her past the fountain, up the stairs and into the rooms that Gordon had insisted they stay in, he hoped the fountain would have its desired effect on Dakota.
That and the fact that the house was far safer than their remaining at a hotel and besides, Gordon and his wife had children Becky’s age. More importantly, Sid thought, the FBI wanted them to be somewhere they could keep an eye on them, now that the agency was really having them watched.

He glanced across the villa’s courtyard to the man in the dark suit, so conspicuous in the mid morning heat. The visible bulge of the man’s side arm under his jacket was meant as a deterrent to intruders but it was just another reminder that though they were guests, they were also under guard which was just another reason to get Cody inside where she didn’t have to be reminded that they were being protected from forces that seemed intent on taking her niece.

The room was cool and dark, the big California king sized bed made up as if he hadn’t slept in it last night, ‘or was that this morning?’ Sidney yawned as he closed the door behind them. He’d slept, yes, but fitfully, knowing that Dakota was next door in the adjoining room, sitting on the corner of Becky’s bed, watching over her like an avenging angel.

Sid smiled to himself. ‘There might be guys with guns outside’ he thought as he watched her run her fingers along the edge of the rattan foot board of the massive bed, ‘but I’d hate to cross her right now’.

“Will you stay with me?” she asked quietly but with no emotion in her voice. Her back was to him, rigid and erect. Her body language told him she didn’t want to ask, didn’t want to admit that she wanted him to stay, that she felt afraid or weak. He almost felt bad knowing that despite her outward show of stoic calm, she was probably terrified. He felt worse that he was almost glad about it.

“I keep telling you,” he whispered as he came up behind her and slid his arms around her waist, “I’m not going anywhere.” 


She didn’t want to want him. Didn’t want the first thought upon seeing that big bed with the invitingly soft down quilt and plump pillows to be his now tanned body, naked on top of all of that white and raspberry French provincial damask.

It’s just my brain telling me to take a break’ she reasoned with herself as she ran her fingertips along the woven bamboo footboard. He was right about the guards and right that she needed sleep. She could barely keep her eyes open as it was. Had she been sitting out in the warm sand she knew herself well enough to know that she’d probably already have been wandering aimlessly in the Land of Nod.

What she didn’t want was to be alone. She hadn’t wanted to watch Becky, no matter how happy and untainted by her ordeal she seemed, wandering off with strangers, but neither did she want to be left with no one but strangers to call if she needed help. She could feel Sidney watching her, knew that he was probably waiting to be, no, expecting to be summarily dismissed.

“Will you stay with me?” She hated being the weak woman, hated that she felt like she needed him here to feel safe, but she knew as she felt the press of his massive chest against her back that even one of those big brawny military types with their dangerous looking guns wouldn’t make her feel as safe as she did with his arms around her.

“I keep telling you,” he whispered into her ear, pulling her back against him, “I’m not going anywhere.” It was what she wanted, maybe even needed to hear but she knew that wasn’t why he was saying it. They were in this together, that’s what he was trying to let her know, that she wasn’t going through this ordeal on her own. She ought to be grateful, she knew that, but she was too tired to be courteous.

She also knew he wasn’t after sex. To some guys a girl in a room with a bed meant sex. She knew Sidney wasn’t that kind of a guy. She wanted sex though. Not to be close to him, although that had its charms of course, but just to take her mind off of what they’d been through, off of what her life had become.

She reached back, snaked her arm around his thick neck and encouraged his lips lower. He resisted but only as long as it took her to reach back with her other hand and cup his manhood in her hand. She had to ask, but only once.

Cody shut her eyes and did her best to shut out everything but the feeling of his lips on her neck, on her shoulders and his hands moving up her rib cage until he was cupping her breasts. She didn’t want to talk, didn’t even want to hear him utter a single sweet nothing and she was relieved that he seemed to sense it or at least he was keeping his mouth shut for now. She wanted oblivion.

As soon as she felt him harden against her hand, heard him moan into the curve of her neck as she stroked his thickening erection through the fabric of his shorts, she let go and curled her hands around the footboard of the bed and spread her legs. They could get naked later, for now she just wanted to feel him up inside of her.

This hadn’t been the reason she’d chosen the light weight sundress from the consular’s wife’s closet but it served its purpose well as Sidney dragged the material up over her hips with one hand and tugged her panties down with the other. She wasn’t ready, far from it, as he began to push his way into her but that was sort of the point. The discomfort that made her draw a ragged breath through her teeth and dig her nails into the braided bamboo made her forget why they were here, that there were bad people coming after them, that she’d maybe met the man of her dreams, who, the minute he wised up, would run as far and as fast as he could from them both.

Going up on tip toes seemed to help, or at least helped enough for him to slide completely inside of her until she could feel his powerful thighs against her ass. She felt him pause and knew, before he said it, that he was going to ask something sweet like was she alright. The only answer she could give to that at the moment would either end in a fight or in tears and both of those was what she was trying to avoid right now, so before he could utter a single syllable, Cody pressed her ass back against him and begged, no, demanded to be fucked like a whore.

“Just fuck me Sidney,” she hissed, pressing back against him, “fuck me like I’m no one, like I’m just one of those sluts that you fuck to get your rocks off. Please.”  She didn’t need to see the expression on his face to know that he probably didn’t like it but she didn’t care if it went against everything he stood for. This wasn’t about him. This was what she needed. “Do it,” she growled and heard his answering snarl as he withdrew almost entirely and then stuffed his cock balls deep inside of her, making her wince. “Yesss,” she gasped and pressed her forehead to the back of her hands and pressed back against his next thrust, “harder, harder.”

It hurt, but only for a few more thrusts and then her body turned traitor and she felt her own juices running down the insides of her thighs. Despite his considerable length and width and how tight she was from this angle, it started to feel good, started to feel like was making love to her boyfriend and that wasn’t what she wanted.

“Hit me, call me a whore,” she demanded. She felt him pause and sent an angry glare over her shoulder. His eyes were big and round and she knew that the sweet boy from a small town in Nova Scotia was unlikely to have ever called a woman names in his life. “I’ve heard you swear a blue streak you fucking son of a bitch. Use me, please, just do it.” She watched him open his full, soft lips to argue but as Cody felt a tear escape the corner of her lips she saw him square his shoulders and a sort of uneasy resolve cloud his gaze.

“Shut your mouth bitch,” he hissed and as she watched he raised one hand off of her hip and brought it down on to her ass with a stinging slap. Just for a moment she saw the sweet boy inside asking if he’d done alright and she shot him a grateful smile. “Do you like that whore?” he asked, smiling back at her and raising his hand again, “do you want more?”

“Yesss,” she begged and turned her face away as he brought his hand down with the resounding sound of flesh meeting flesh. “Yes, fuck me, yes please.” 

He awoke hours later to sun streaming through the shutters, his body drenched in sweat, alone in the big empty bed. Sidney rubbed at his eyes and then looked around the room again, at the rumpled sheets next to him. He felt the pillow next to him. It was still warm with a little slime trail of drool she’d left behind.

He listened, closing his eyes as he tried to sense her, but there was no sound from the adjoining room or the en-suite. Tossing the thin sheets aside, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed, got up and crossed the room. He didn’t really expect to find her in the bathroom, but he checked anyway, just to be sure.

Picking up his shorts and t-shirt from the floor, he pulled them both on and then slipped his feet into the flip flops by the door. He knew where he’d find her. He didn’t bother to stop until he was halfway down the bath to the private beach, until he could see her standing watch from a spot at the end of the walkway, the wind lifting her dress and wrapping it around her legs as if it was caressing them.

She didn’t startle when his hands circled her upper arms and pressed his lips to the nape of her neck. She’d tied her hair up, understandable in the warm wind but his hands itched to pull it down, to run his fingers through it.

“Did you sleep?” he asked gently as he felt her lean back into his arms.

“Yes, some, thank you,” she replied without taking her gaze off of the group of children working industriously at a sandcastle under the watchful eye of both the nanny as well as the guards. “You wouldn’t think anything had happened to her,” she added as they watched Becky turn over a pail and pat it with her plastic shovel, a big grin on her face.

“Kids are pretty resilient,” he told her, pressing his lips to her cheek. “She’s a pretty happy kid and she’s strong, like you,” he added, trying to be encouraging. Cody didn’t answer but she did lean her cheek against his hand on her shoulder which was a good sign, he thought. “A few more days of building sand castles in the sunshine should go a long way to making things better.”

“We can’t stay here forever though,” she sighed and then turned to look up at him with a weary expression that Sid immediately wished he could erase, but he knew it was only a matter of days, if that long, before he’d have to go back to dealing with reality, with his injury and to watching his team play without him.

“We don’t have to go yet though,” he said, as much to himself as to her. He kissed her cheek and then let his hand drop down to seek hers. She looked up at him, gratitude mixed with the threat of tears in her eyes. “That castle looks like it needs a little work. Think we should go and help?” he asked. She nodded, the beginning of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Giving her hand a squeeze he lead her down the path and onto the white sand.


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