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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 19

I've been suffering from a couple of ailments that I won't go into but suffice it to say I haven't been able to sit comfortably for a bit, but that's really not a good excuse for not getting this out sooner. I always have trouble with "in between" chapter necessary to fill in information and move the plot along but they always seem to take longer to write for me. Hopefully the next chapter will come out quicker.

Cody watched him back down the marigold bordered driveway and out onto the street. The black BMW X5 paused in front of the house, the passenger window rolled down and he waved up at them. Cody didn’t wave back. He was clear on her feelings about his going to the Pens early morning practice with Max and leaving her and Becky with a number of armed men whose names she didn’t even know. Becks, on the other hand, waved and then blew a kiss. Sidney pretended to catch it and press it to his cheek, much to Becky’s delight.

“Come on squirt, we’d better get inside.” Becky watched, on tip toes so she could see over the railing of the deck, until the SUV disappeared around the corner and only then did she offer her hand and allow herself to lead back inside the house and out of the early morning Spring drizzle.

“So what do you want to do today?” the babysitter nanny who had arrived with Max wearing the same clothes she’d been in the night before, asked, as she squatted to get to Becky’s height. “Paint? Play a game?”


“Becks we talked about this,” Cody began with a sigh, reaching down to tug gently on one of the little girl’s pig tails. “We’re kind of stuck in here, for a few days at least,” she added with a glance towards the solid wall of humanity just outside the sliding glass door to the deck. There was another one just like him just inside of the front door and one in the backyard. There were two more parked a little ways down the street. She knew they were there for protection but she felt a little like a prisoner all the same.

“I want to go to the zoo!” Becky stomped, her hands curled into fists on her hips. Cody didn’t blame her niece. She didn’t want to be stuck inside either and it did seem somehow worse after spending a week with her feet in warm sand and hot sun baking her skin.

“Maybe in a couple of days,” Cody replied patiently though her tone suggested that her patience was not exactly boundless.

“I could take her,” the babysitter, Cody had to think about her name for a moment, Mel offered brightly. “I’m sure the guards would come and it’s public, people around. We’d be fine,” she added and Cody knew that the young woman was doing her best to do exactly as she’d been hired to do but as helpful as that was, it was too soon.

“Not today Becky,” Cody said sternly and did her best not to immediately melt as soon as the little girl’s bottom lip began to quiver. “I’m sure we can find something just as entertaining here,” she added, trying to soften the blow.

“I hate you,” Becky spat back, her blue eyes narrowed, her cheeks puffed out, her usually full lips pressed into an unhappy, thin line. “You’re not my mom. You’re not the boss of me.” It was to be expected. In fact, Cody had expected this to happen long before now. That, of course, didn’t make it any easier to hear. Still, she’d had her answer prepared for some time now.

“No, I’m not your mom but your mom did put me in charge of you so yeah, I am the boss of you young lady whether you like it or not. So no, no zoo today. Maybe tomorrow, if Sidney can stay home with us, deal?” Becky peered out at her from beneath her long lashes and for a moment Cody thought her niece was going to talk back, expected her to but instead, she slowly dropped her hands from her hips and let out a long, sad sigh.

“Promise?” she asked, her plump cheeks red and tears glittering in her blue eyes.

“No baby, I can’t promise but we’ll see, okay? That’s the best I can do.” 

“Shaving cream in my skates, very original,” Sidney sighed, withdrawing his foot from his skate and staring down at his foam covered toes.

“Awww we just missed you Creature,” Jordy laughed and then ducked as Sid aimed a wad of clear sock tape at him.

“You sure you’re up to this?” Coach Dan appeared in his track suit, holding the bright yellow jersey out towards him that warned his teammates that he was off limits for contact.

“Honestly, I’m still having good days and bad days but I want to see how it feels,” Sid admitted as he got to his feet and walked into the hall to hand his skates to one of the training staff.

“We’d sure like you back this season,” the Coach continued in that way that Sid knew he was asking but didn’t want to put any pressure on his star player. “Think you’re up to it?” Sud wanted to say yes and wanted to mean it. The truth was a little less certain.

“Well you know I want to,” he answered trying to sound more confident and enthusiastic then he felt, “as soon as I can.”

“Have you seen the doc yet, since you got back?” the Coach asked hesitantly and Sid knew he’d been caught. Of course it should have been the first thing he should have done but he’d just wanted to feel the ice under his feet. Coach Dan didn’t miss much and he nodded and smiled. “Go see the doc, if he clears you then you can skate,” he sighed and put his hand on Sid’s shoulder. Sid hung his head and blew a breath out through his teeth. He’d been that close.

“No problem coach,” he sighed, hung his head as he dropped his skates on the bench and then headed down the hallway. He pushed the door open, without knocking, to find Letang face down with one of the trainers digging his elbow deep into his shoulder blade. It looked mildly painful but the noises that Tanger was making sounded like they could be coming from a whorehouse. “Your back, again?” he asked as the defenseman turned his head to peer at him through a veil of his dark hair.

“Just spasms,” Tanger’s elfin grin shone through, “I’ll be fine once the doc sticks me,” he added. Sid looked over his friend’s back to see the doctor filling a syringe with what he assumed was some kind of muscle relaxant. He’d had to have a stitch or two in his life but he wasn’t a fan of needles and also didn’t need to see Tanger’s bare ass as the doc lifted the towel away to push the needle into the small of his back. “So are you back?” Kris asked through clenched teeth.

“I guess that’s up to the doctor,” Sid replied. “I’m here for the test.”

“Well you’re looking tanned and rested,” the doc smiled welcomingly as Tanger pulled the towel around himself and hopped down.

“I hope I’ll see you out on the ice, d’accord?” Kris grinned and Sid nodded. He hoped so too.

Sid took Kris’s vacated spot on the examination table took a deep breath and squared his shoulders, like he was about take an important face off. He watched the doc pick up the pen light and just seeing that instrument was sort of like having Ruutu bearing down him at full speed from across the ice. ‘Concentrate’ he told himself firmly, ‘you can do this.’

“So, any headaches in the last few days?” Sid smiled brightly and shook his head.

“Nope, feel great,” he lied. The light shone in his eyes and Sid willed himself not to blink.

“Neck stiffness? Nausea?” Sid followed the light with his eyes. It made his stomach roll. He was glad he’d skipped breakfast.

“Just a little food poisoning, bad clams I think,” Sid continued to weave his deception with a smile on his face. The doc put the pen back in his pocket and smiled indulgently at his patient.

“You see, a little time away from the rink was worth it.” Sidney nodded and kept smiling like he was doing one of those meet and greets. His cheeks were actually starting to hurt. “Well, I don’t see why you can’t start with some light workouts, maybe on the bike and see how it goes.” Now his grin got wider and it was real. It felt like Christmas morning and the first day of school all at once. He had to fight the urge to hug the gray haired man in front of him.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll let you know how that goes,” he tried to sound nonchalant as he slid off the table to his feet.

“No skating Sidney,” the doctor called after him.

“Yeah, okay,” he agreed ‘for now’ he added silently as he slipped out into the hallway and practically sprinted to the workout room. 

Cody peeked out the kitchen window when she heard the vehicle pull into the driveway. He looked up at the kitchen window as soon as his feet hit the pavement, a hundred watt smile on his face.

“Someone looks happy,” Melany pushed her red gummyperson game piece three spots ahead on the Candy Land board and tried not to look hopeful that Max would come inside.

“Mmmhmm,” Cody replied absentmindedly. He certainly didn’t look like someone suffering from a migraine, which is what she’d expected on his return. She watched him lean into the car and say something to Max, who laughed. They both certainly looked to be in good moods.

“Pay attention, your turn!” That was certainly more than could Cody could say for herself as she pulled a card and stared down at the two coloured blocks on it. Becky had been a tyrant all day. “You move for me,” she said and glanced back out the window again. The two men were still talking animatedly, excitedly.

“No! That’s not how it works!” Becky whined. “It’s your turn. You have to do it!” Biting her tongue Cody moved her game piece to the appropriate square and then turned back to look out the window. The black Beamer was gone.

“Havin’ fun squirt?” From nowhere Sid appeared, pressing a kiss to the top of Becky’s head, making the little girl squeal with delight. Cody felt a tiny pang of jealousy that hers had not been the first kiss but it only took a moment for him to turn and grab her face in his hands and press a long, lingering kiss on her lips that left Cody blinking up at him as he grinned down at her. “You got this?” he asked, turning to Mel who nodded, wide eyed. “Thanks,” he grinned and then offered his hand to Cody who stared at it like she didn’t quite trust it. “Coming?” he asked, and the throaty tone of his voice made her shiver.

Putting her hand in his, she let him lead her away from the table, down the hall and into, their bedroom, where he closed the door and locked it. She was about to ask why, why he seemed so happy and why he’d brought her here but before she could give voice to either question, he pressed her back against the door and claimed her mouth with his.

“I missed you,” he whispered hoarsely, his hand sliding up beneath the thin fabric of her t-shirt until he was palming her breast.

“Liar,” she hissed back, her arm snaking around his waist she could grab hold of his ass. “They let you skate didn’t they? That’s what you’re happy about, not seeing me.” He tried to look offended but couldn’t wipe the smile from his face. Giving her another quick, less desire filled kiss, he slid his hand from beneath her shirt, took her hand and lead her to the bed, flopping down on it and pulling her over top of him.

“Not skate but they let me work out, which is a step in the right fucking direction,” he sighed happily as he impatiently pushed the hem of her shirt up until she took the hint and drew it over her head and tossed it aside. He slid his hands slowly up her rib cage until he was holding her breasts in his hands, slowly rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so...,” she studied his face for a long moment, looking for the right word as she covered his hands with her own and leaned into them, “content.” His smile grew, making him look much like the cat that got the cream.

“Oh I think you have,” he growled at her, lifting his hips so that his happiness was unmistakable. Cody bit down on her bottom lip.

“We shouldn’t,” she sighed, not letting go of the grip she hand on his hands, holding them against her breasts. Her nipples were growing hard against the palms of his big hands.
“That’s what the nanny is for,” he replied with a deep, throaty chuckle as he pressed his growing, hardening erection up against her. “I want to celebrate,” he told her, his smouldering gaze holding hers’ as if he was daring her to say no. “I want to celebrate with you,” he added with a playful growl, using his size and legs to roll her over and pin her beneath him

“Mmmm celebrate away,” she grinned up at him and then giggled as he bent to kiss her neck, his throaty rumblings making her shiver.


  1. Helllooooo yeah! Bad liar Sid but for the sake of that yummy scene I think I will let it pass ;-)

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